Make your own Gluten Free Flour Mix / Μείγμα Αλευριού χωρίς Γλουτένη

Monday, November 17, 2014

A few years ago, George and I decided to remove gluten from our diet. It was a big decision that really changed the way I cook and eat. I had to make everything from scratch and train myself in using gluten free ingredients. Bread, granola, cakes, cookies, I stopped buying them altogether. I shed quite a few kilos and saved a fair amount of money, which I ended up spending buying a lot of very informative books full of gluten free recipes and many different kinds of gluten free flours.

I learned all about using flours made from buckwheat and sorghum, rice and millet, potatoes and corn. I learn what guar and xantham gums are and not to be afraid to use them because of their funny sounding names. 

Most of the recipes you will find on this blog are gluten free and most of the times the flour I used to make them was a ready made mix I bought at the health food store or at the supermarket. But I wanted to experiment and make my own flour mix. I consulted my trusted books about the properties of each flour and decided on a mix which I've been using for my last few bakes.

It contains rice, potato and tapioca flours.

White rice flour has a light texture, contains a large amount of starch and therefore is great for binding baked goods while at the same time adds moisture.

Potato flour is made from dried potatoes ground into a flour. It has a heavy texture and absorbs liquids very well. It shouldn't be confused with potato starch which is the white starch component of peeled potatoes.

Tapioca Flour is a starch made from the root of the cassava plant. It gives texture and lends moisture to baked goods.

Whenever I bake using my own gluten free flour mix or a simpler mix of two or even just one flour, I always add a little xanthan gum to compensate for the missing stretching and binding abilities of gluten.  Xanthan gum is produced by the fermentation of the sugars contained in corn and soy. Despite its funny sounding name it is natural and it helps a great deal to stabilise and bind the dough. Only  a tiny amount (1/2 teaspoon or less) can go a long way.

Gluten Free Flour Mix

Makes 1 kg

  • 700 gr white rice flour
  • 200 gr potato flour
  • 100 gr tapioca flour
  1. Mix all the flours together. 
  2. Store in a airtight container. 

Μείγμα Αλευριού Χωρίς Γλουτένη
Για 1 kg

  • 700 γρ αλεύρι ρυζιού
  • 200 γρ αλεύρι από πατάτα
  • 100 γρ ταπιόκα

  1. Αναμειγνύουμε όλα τα αλεύρια καλά. 
  2. Φυλάμε σε αεροστεγές βάζο.