Chocolate, Tahini & Dark Rum Super Moist Cake

Monday, October 15, 2012

Last week I made a zesty, tasty Hummus with chickpeas and tahini. I make hummus almost every week because...well I don't need a specific reason to make is easy, nutritious - lots of Omega 3 oils from the sesame seeds -  and most importantly, spreadable - perfect on a slice of bread or a rice cake for a quick snack.  I keep a big jar of tahini in my fridge and sometimes I experiment in using it in marinades and various bean based dips. But what else can you do with it, apart from hummus? 

In Greece when you hear the word "tahini" you immediately associate it with halva. Dense and sweet, it is made from sesame seed paste mixed with sugar, cocoa or vanilla, toasted almonds or pistachios. It is very well known and loved not only in Greece but all over the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. It is a traditional dessert, the best choice for those who fast during the period of Lent. For all its richness and sweetness, halva is a humble dessert for the pious no matter their religion.  

But I was in no mood for halva. I wanted something "less traditional" and I found it in this recipe from one of Greece's best pastry chefs. It is a Chocolate, Tahini and Dark Rum Cake and I can tell you that there is nothing humble and pious about it, apart maybe from that it is so easy to prepare. You don't even need a mixer. Just a big bowl and a whisk and you are in business. Tahini and rum complement each other perfectly. You get an explosion of unique aromas and flavours with every bite, sweet cinnamon, vanilla and cloves from the rum, bitter notes of sophisticated earthiness from the dark chocolate and finally that particular piquancy of sesame. It is a very rich and very moist cake perfect when warm from the oven, even better when cold the day after. 

Chocolate, Tahini & Dark Rum Super Moist Cake
Recipe from Stelios Parliaros "Μαθήματα Γλυκιάς Αλχημείας - Πρωτότυπες και Δημιουργικές"
Serves 8
300 gr tahini
300 gr powdered sugar
300 gr flour
200 gr dark chocolate, melted
300 ml dark rum
1 teaspoon baking powder
Pre-heat oven to 180 C.
Butter a cake pan and sprinkle it with white sugar. I used a long pan but you can use a round one if you prefer.
In a big bowl, mix the tahini, dark rum and powdered sugar. Add the melted chocolate. Whisk in the flour and baking powder. 
Pour the mixture into the pan and sprinkle its surface with white sugar (The sugar will caramelise while the cake is baking and it give it a nice crunchy texture).
Bake for 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the size of your pan. 
When ready, gently run a knife around the edges of the pan, put your serving plate on top and turn over. The cake should fall easily on the plate and it should be hard on the outside and quite moist inside. 

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  1. The cake looks so good and such an original recipe. I would just have two questions, one which size of the pan would be ideal and the other would be the timing of the cake. How does it look when it's ready, it's just I live in Mexico city which is very high in altitude and always have to leave things longer in the oven. This means that many times I have to play a guessing game. Usualy if I put a toopick and it comes out dry it is done but your cake is moist...

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by! I used a long cake mould 32x12cm but you can use a round one if you wish. Just keep in mind that the bigger the cake pan the lesser the time you have to bake the cake and vice versa (smaller pan - longer time). I am not sure about the altitude question (you can check out this link for more details - I hope it helps you). The cake is supposed to be very moist in the inside and quite crispy on the outside. I do hope you make this cake. It is really tasty and special. I would love to hear from you again about your results :)

    2. Thanks Maria! I'll let you know how it went when I do it :)

  2. Looks delicious! Love the moist crumbs.

  3. I enjoy recipes that use unique ingredients.. tahini.. who would have thought?!? and then there is rum and chooclate.. so anything with those two.. has to be good!! should be interesting .. would love to give it a shot!!

  4. Wow. That does look moist and delicious!

    1. Thank you dear Yummy Chunklet! If you have any leftover tahini - and like a boozy, chocolaty treat I suggest you give it a try :)

  5. Maria, first of all congratulations for this wonderful blog! When I saw this cake I thought "I have never seen such a moist cake in my life" and of course I was right looking closely at your recipe. I must say a sesame paste cake sounds exotic and unusual for me. I must try making it one day. Thank you for this original recipe.
    And of course thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. Maria, Such a beautiful cake! Love how moist and chocolaty it looks! And love that it uses tahini…I am making this cake!!

  7. I've got the same time!!! :) this cake looks super yummy.

  8. I meant to say 'tin' ;)

  9. Maria, I am enjoying your Blog and thank you for choosing to share a cake that is rather "exotica" for me. I am wondering if this would work in a bundt pan. I'm thinking, yes. Now to convert the ingredients!


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