Madrid in October...

Monday, October 29, 2012

...was marvellous and kingly...
This is a city build for kings and queens  
...refreshingly rainy...
Clouds gather menacingly over Madrid's glorious skyline 
The sky weeps as I read Cervantes on the street 
Golden light and a rainbow, simply magical 
...rocked our socks off...
Waiting to get into the Palacio de Desportes where Muse were about to perform

and added a few undesirable yet thoroughly enjoyed centimetres to our waistlines.

Breakfast at Miranda's
Mercado De San Miguel - How foodie paradise looks, smells and tastes like

Forbidden Fruit (for me) 
Seasonal & Healthy
The King of Jamon
Just for me
Fresh Oysters....
...and champagne...
The perfect combination
And then Sangria with a Portuguese custard pie ...the Iberian combination

White & Tawny Port
This is what I call a cheese boutique 

We planned this trip for more than three months. Such a big feat for us! Usually, we book everything at the last minute. But not this time! When Muse announced their European tour dates in June, I immediately signed up for 2 tickets for their Madrid gig in October 2012. My attachment to their music is kinda karmic. I was meant to listen to their songs as I was emerging out of the eye of the typhoon that had ravaged my inner and physical health for almost two years. I was sitting on a bench in Zagreb's Zrinjevac garden, sometime around April 2010, when I realised that for the first time I was actually looking and absorbing the information around me instead of  thinking about pain and anxiety. It was a revealing moment and the song playing in my headphones that became its soundtrack forever was this one.

I was looking forward to this concert all summer not only because I wanted to see Muse but also because I wanted to prove to myself that it is possible to book a trip 3 months ahead and not cancel or reschedule!!! 
So close to the stage!!!

 Anyway my positive attitude towards planning ahead worked! We actually made it to Madrid, even though Georgie booked our return flight a month later than the actual return date (21st of November instead 21st of October!!!!)
Landing in Madrid

I asked Georgie to book the hotel for us and he did a great job booking Hotel De Las Letras  a wonderful, renovated building with modern design, a great restaurant, situated on Gran Via - you just cannot get any closer to the centre than that!
Read Neruda before bed for dreams of love and longing
The most addictive mini - Mini Bar. I knew I shouldn't have but I did 
The beds had wheels - design is not always comfortable...
The initial reason for this trip was off course the concert but that changed when we found ourselves with one extra day after Georgie's little ticket mistake. One more day means museums, and walking around town and discovering cute little places to have tapas and beer...

Puerta Del Sol just before sunset
Crowds of people everywhere

Finally the sun came out 

Unfortunately we were not able to see all of it - my back could not handle its vastness 

Luis Bunuel 

At Museo Reina Sofia

This lady is making me a personalised apron - I'm such a tourist sometimes!

Catch the bobble before it pops

A wedding is always the best tourist attraction on a Saturday morning

Before I end this post just one small observation about Charles De Gaul is the most expensive airport I've been in my life! 7 euro for a slice of reheated broccoli quiche??? 5 euros for one, ONE, Laduree macaroon??? what are they made from gold dust??? I refused to pay...instead I bought the recipe book. It sounds logical right? One  perfect macaroon...only a few moments of flavourful bliss...a recipe for said macaroon...many moments of maybe not so perfect macaroon bliss yet still bliss!!!
Laduree Recipe Book bought at CDG airport
Affordable snack time at Charles De Gaul Airport

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  1. Ah, to travel more often. That would be wonderful. Your photos make me jealous!


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