The Queen's Old Sports Clothes

Monday, April 23, 2012

Well it's official! I'm no longer the queen of the unfit and disabled! I'm the servant of the fit. The peasant girl who aspires to become like the blonde, skinny yet muscular, look how firm my ass is, goddess who was exercising pulling and pushing and lifting her body in Lara Croft style with just (!) 2 yellow ropes hanging from the ceiling of this super hip new gym I joined last Thursday.

What was I thinking!! Leaving the safe enclosure of my physiotherapy clinic. I was the indisputable queen of fitness there! I was the one-eyed woman in a kingdom full of blind men! But I was bored. I was tired of looking at old, hairy, mushie chests and bold heads. I was terrified at the idea of hearing yet another depressing story about injuries, accidents and strokes. I was desperate for some sparkle and glamour! Ah Vanity! The deadliest of all sins!

But I won't give up! I'm playing in the big boys league now. My sports clothes might be a bit older and more tarnished than I imagined, I will wear them with pride! And tomorrow at 9am, I will take on the pilates ring and ball and fight for my rightful place in the fitness food chain! This is my manifesto! And this is my anthem....