Opium Dreams

Friday, April 20, 2012

Opium Dreams by Attila Sassy
If ever a large Russian woman named Ludmilla tells you to eat poppy seed paste with honey before bed, do it, it works!

I finally slept after a long period of white nights. OK I'm exaggerating a bit. My nights are not exactly white, more like "polka dotted black and white". I fall asleep but I wake up every 3 hours (like a baby - I'm aware of all the associations behind this grrrr!). I tried different types of pills. Some worked, some didn't. So I asked Ludmilla, after all, she managed to spring clean my kidneys with her potent herbal concoction, maybe she'd be able to mend my broken relationship with Morpheus!

The paste worked. No breaks! But the dreams! The dreams were bizarre to say the least. I visited all genres, horror, comedy, romance! All in one night. The colours were so vibrant, the reds and the oranges just mesmerising!

I treasure my dreams. I write then down. They are after all direct messages from my subconscious, my Jabba the Hut ego. I try to listen in as much as possible. No Kubla Khan is going to come out of them but the colours inspired me to start painting this
The beginning 
Almost done