Ashtray Wednesdays: Bridges, Castles and Kafka

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What can I say about Prague, other than that I've never been. I've never seen the impressive architecture of the buildings or walked on the cobblestoned alleys. I've never crossed the bridges and had coffee along the riverbank contemplating my ascent to the castle.

But a friend went last November and that's how I came to have this small memento of her and the wonderful time she had in this dreamy city in the middle of Europe. I am not going to say many things about her because I have already mentioned her here and here (what can I do she travels a lot and as she said to me the other day "It is her obligation to bring me back an ashtray" :)!

So for the time being I have to console myself by reading Kafka's masterpieces and living his nightmares in my dreams.