Ashtray Wednesdays

I am a collector!

I collect ashtrays. I collect other things as well (books, cook books, cooking magazines, fridge magnets, nail polishes), but ashtrays are by far my biggest collecting obsession. 

I cannot remember exactly how I got the idea to start collecting them. Most probably it came to me during one of my frequent road trips along the south coast of England. I was a heavy smoker back then and was always in need of lighters and ashtrays. Souvenirs that you can use, that's what they initially were. 

Gradually the collection transformed. Took on a more interpersonal character. People, would ask me what I wanted them to bring me back from a trip and I would always ask for an ashtray. Something special, that reflected their personality, it didn't have to be expensive but if it was I was willing to pay for it. In that way they would always be with me. So as well as collecting ashtrays, one can say that I am also collecting people. 

A few years ago and while my collection numbered more than 200 ashtrays, I decided to make it more public. I was making plans of having an exhibition with the ashtrays and accompanying paintings or pictures of the persons who gave then to me along with a short story about our friendship or acquaintanceship.  The plans never materialised and even worse I found myself forgetting a lot of the details and stories. 

Therefore, I decided that it is time I started documenting them and I plan on doing this here, in this section of my blog. I will show and talk about them both, the inanimate objects and the spirited humans who gave them to me. 

Wednesdays are going to be Ashtray Wednesdays


  1. What a fantastic and creative idea Maria. I look forward to your Ashtray Wednesdays :)

  2. miss split and paris! m

    1. Paris is coming up very soon but split had to stay back...too heavy :)


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