Ashtray Wednesdays: A Stone Fort by the Sea

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Given the mind-bruising, word-baffling recent events, I am not really in a wordy mood today. Still, there is a handmade, super sweet and cute ashtray from Dubrovnik waiting to be show-cased on Ashtray Wednesdays. And its been waiting for two weeks now.

This one was given to me by Georgie. He bought it for me in July '09. It is the second he brought back from Dubrovnik. The first broke while he was travelling. So in July '09, and while I was recovering from my first discus hernia operation in Zagreb he went for a business trip to Dubrovnik and was on a mission to find the exact same ashtray that broke. He even claims that he almost missed his plane home and I believe him. Because this my Georgie, sweet and considerate but really, really stubborn.

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