Ashtray Wednesday: Tutankhamun

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No, no I did not run out of ashtrays. Ashtrays I have plenty. It is time I did not have. First Barcelona, then Belgrade, then Istria, weeks flew by so fast and even though this ashtray has been sitting on my coffee table waiting to be photographed and uploaded to eternal cyber life, for weeks now, I did not find the time to do it.

OK, OK this is not entirely accurate...the truth is that I kept averting my eyes and my camera from it. First, the light was not right (it's been raining a lot here lately and since it is an ashtray from the Land of Pyramids and Eternal Sun I think it deserves to be photographed in the sunshine). Then travelling and suitcases got in the way and new ashtrays arrived and they had to get catalogued and... ouff to be entirely honest... it is a butt ugly ashtray and I didn't know how to photograph it so that it looks even a little better.

That's OK. I can say it out loud! It is one of the ugliest, cheesiest ashtrays ever given to me and it was given to me by my mum!

So my mum and dad went to Israel and Egypt for Easter 2010 and I got  the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun to use as an ashtray. Parents, siblings and close relatives are not exempt from the "you travel somewhere, anywhere, you get Maria an ashtray" rule. If anything they are obligated to follow it! And I don't have to worry about what I say about it because, firstly my mother doesn't speak English, and secondly I have already told her that it is ugly! And heavy, really really heavy! I could probably use it to seriously wound an intruder if I was willing to keep it our in the open, which I'm not!!