Belgrade in May...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

... is finally full of music and life. Green trees, blue sky, colourful people. The rivers are still brownish-green but I didn't really mind.

There was still plenty of colour around the cafes and wine bars to compensate for the gloominess of the rivers. Did I say wine bars? Yes there are tens of them scattered around the old city, even in places you would not expect them to, like next to what looked like a mausoleum of a Muslim holy man. These women and their children were praying and tying knots of red and white threads asking the higher power for help of some sort. 
We were on a mission, drink as much wine as possible and go to two concerts in two days! In between we managed to see a little bit more of the city, which was in one of its most flattering versions so far...
The first concert was on Thursday... Pink Martini...Oh how much I like their music, their spirit and their open-mindedness!! But I was a tiny bit disappointed with their Belgrade gig. It was not entirely their fault. The venue was not completely full but I believe they should have given their best anyway and stayed on stage longer than just 1 hour!!! Still we got our fix of beautiful melodies and funk!

We were compensated on Friday, though, with a magical and totally exhilarating show by Nouvelle Vague and Zaz. Unfortunately I was too busy dancing during the Nouvelle Vague gig and I didn't take any videos. To compensate for this here is my favourite one - even though they didn't play it :(

After a "light meal" made out of a mixed grill dish and Tufahija for desert at 2am in a restaurant at the surprisingly packed Skadarlija Street, we returned to our hotel for a few hours of sleep before he headed off to Istria....


  1. No matter the time of year, the rivers of Belgrade look much the same color. Has to do with the confluence or what have you. They're much more vibrant at their source(s) when they've not yet been filled with Slavonian plain.

    1. It must be so depressing in the winter!

    2. I doubt I would ever call Belgrade depressing. It's pretty much always lively and the Serbs are some of the most fun to hang out with in the Balkans despite their generally shitty politics.

    3. Depressing as in the landscape with all the bare trees and muddy waters. I agree with you about the liveliness of Belgrade and the Serbs in general. I have to spend at least one weekend there every couple of months to get the "juices flowing" again :)


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