Devoted to...oregano

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I decided to go ahead and grind/rub (call it what you want) some of my small parcels of dried oregano.

 I have tens of these little parcels stacked up in my pantry. They look dead and ugly but the smell...oh the smell is magical. I was warped to our beach house in Fourka Beach in Chalkidiki. I spent all my childhood and teenage summers there. Swimming in the crystal blue sea, smelling pine and oregano.  
There are a couple of ways to do this. The obvious, yet a bit painful, is to rub the dried leaves and branches between your hands. It takes more time and you might end up with a couple of splinters in your fingers. The upside is that you also get Fourka Beach smelling hands!!!
The other way is to use a pestle and a medium sieve and grind those branches to oblivion!
I combined both "technics" using my hands instead of the pestle. 
So now I have Fourka Beach hands plus a...splinter. 
Oh, I wish there was a hand-cream out there smelling like oregano....
By the way...this is Fourka Beach...
...and here is what I was listening to while I was "being transported" there (it sounds so much better that rubbing oregano :)

I am definitely a devotee of oregano and it is neither bitter nor a secret.