Chocolate Berry Pudding - Σοκολατένια Πουτίγκα με Φρούτα του Δάσους Χωρίς Ζάχαρη

Monday, July 23, 2012

(Συνταγή στα Ελληνικά στο τέλος της σελίδας)
A few days ago, I discovered a blog named Chocolate Log Blog, a quite appropriate name, I think, since it is all about chocolate. Hundreds of cakes, biscuits, tarts, puddings all containing some form of chocolate. Choclette together with Chele from Chocolate Teapot run a very interesting monthly cooking event called We Should Cocoa.  I was intrigued by the idea of making a chocolate dessert every month, without any restrictions, save one, the use of a special ingredient picked by Choclette every month and so I decided to give it a try...

I recently bought Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar Cookbook" and I have already made a few really nice fructose free recipes, so I scanned through it and came up with some very interesting cocoa recipes. I chose to make the Choc Berry Mud because my freezer is full of frozen strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants, a perfect fit for the We Should Cocoa challenge since this month's special ingredient is blackcurrants. The "mud" (as Sarah calls it) came together instantly by blending all the ingredients. It is an easy, fuss free and refreshing dessert for every season.

Chocolate Berry Pudding
Serves 2 - 4

  • 1 cup frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants)
  • 1 large soft avocado, cleaned, peeled and de-seeded
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1 cup almond milk (or less if you want the consistency to be thicker)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
  • 1 teaspoon stevia

  1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Pour into bawls and serve immediately.

Σοκολατένια Πουτίγκα με Μούρα Χωρίς Ζάχαρη
Από το βιβλίο "I Quit Sugar Cookbook" της Sarah Wilson
Για 2 - 4 άτομα
  • 1 φλιτζάνι κατεψυγμένα φρούτα του δάσους
  • 1 μεγάλο ώριμο αβοκάντο, καθαρισμένο χωρίς το κουκούτσι
  • 1/4 φλιτζανιού κακάο
  • 1 φλιτζάνι γάλα αμυγδάλου (ή λιγότερο αν το θέλετε πιο πικτό)
  • 1 κουταλάκι του γλυκού σκόνη βανίλια
  • 1 κουταλάκι του γλυκού στέβια
  1. Βάζουμε όλα τα υλικά σε ένα μπλέντερ και αναμειγνύουμε. 
  2. Σερβίρουμε αμέσως. 


  1. Hi Maria. Thanks for entering WSC and saying such nice things about it. I'm just getting the round-up organised now.

    Your pudding looks delicious. I keep hearing about using avocado with chocolate but still haven't got around to trying it myself. I love the fact this pudding is positively good for you. Interesting to see you've used stevia too. I take it this wasn't in it's leaf form?

  2. Thank you Choclette!!! I think WSC is a very nice way to be creative with chocolate and meet food bloggers from all over the world!

    Avocado is great when making lactose free mousses or puddings because it gives a lot of substance to the dessert. It tastes neutral, as long as it is quite ripe. For this recipe I used granulated stevia which looks like a very fine white powder!

  3. wonderul and a lovely healthy mousse recipe. Love it!

  4. oops sorry meant to say wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much ! I read wonder-drool and I thought what a nice word to describe this mousse ha ha :) :)

  5. The great thing about entering challenges such as We Should Cocoa is getting to meet other bloggers! Your mousse sounds delicious - I always love a slightly healthier option and your blog and photo's are lovely!:)

    1. Thank you very much Rachel. I agree with you. This is a great way to meet so many talented people. I am so in love with your blog !!!

  6. This is intriguing! I might have to just try it :)

    1. Yes, yes you must :) It is very nice and surprisingly creamy :) Your chocolates look heavenly! Do you deliver abroad? :)

    2. Thank you! I'm afraid I don't currently deliver abroad - too expensive and they don't cope too well with the journey! Maybe one day... :) If you're ever around London let me know!


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