Fructose Fighter - Week 1

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's been a week! 

One week without sugar (fructose). 
Since I am not much for science, if anyone is interested in reading more about fructose, can do so here and here

My first week has been quite challenging. One dinner engagement and two lunches with friends. I am proud to announce that I did not gave in to temptation one bit. 

On the first occasion I just did not order dessert, but I soon regretted it. I felt miserable and left out. While the rest of the company was enjoying their chocolate cakes and crepes with ice cream, I was playing restlessly with my spoon. 

But I learned my lesson, when the time for dessert came at lunch No1, I ordered...cheese. Livanski Sir from the Livno region of Bosnia. The waiter was surprised, my friend even more, but I was satisfied, thoroughly satiated by the robust taste of the cheese.  For "dessert" at lunch No 2, on Sunday, I chose Paski Sir from the island of Pag in Croatia. It came with walnuts and olives and gave me a feeling of fullness no chocolate pie can compare to (OK maybe I am exaggerating a little here but I have to, you would in my place!)

So now I know the drill! 
Hail to the CHEESE
with the cheesiest video ever made