The Soundtrack of My Thoughts

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I wake up every morning with songs in my head. My own private radio alarm clock! It makes no difference if I'm happy or depressed, a song is always there to welcome or grunge at the new day. Lately the songs are quite happy and lyrical. Thought, there where times back in September - October when they very dark and somehow annoying. A definite reflection of my inner psyche.

Today I woke up with "Neutron Star Collision" playing full blast between my eardrums. It is undeniably one of my favourites, even though I'm not a fan of the whole vampire saga, haven't read the books and haven't seen the movies, I like Muse very much. For me they are "The Cure" of the noughties. Their music is inspirational and the lyrics are poetic with deeper meanings.

Now I'm ready to turn in for the night and song is still playing - a musical carpet to keep my thoughts warm. I'm curious about tomorrow's playlist. Good night!