Associations Behind the Title

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hi there, I'm back.  What were the chances, right?. 

Oh! Dr. H is going to be ecstatic when I tell him on Monday. Am I going to tell him tough? I'm not sure yet. I haven't told my husband. Only my cat knows. This is my little secret - a bit oxymoron really given the fact that it is a blog and by definition a blog is public and open to about 3 billion people. But I am really excited and scared, but, mostly excited about this. 

All day yesterday I was thinking about the many different things I can write about here. It felt exhilarating. What should I write about first: start with sharing some of the 3000 recipes that I have on my hard drive, talk about my travels, my life in Saudi Arabia, my health problems, my cat, my life in Zagreb, the problems of my country. My brain was spinning at 5000rpm, couldn't sleep, took a pill, fell like a log...

I woke up this morning and somehow my mind was back on track..."baby steps Maria", it whispered to me, "baby steps. First learn how to crawl and then we will think about it again". 

So for my second post I am going to talk a little bit about the title of this blog. 

When, yesterday I was prompted by the creating template to insert a name for my blog I tried many, many, many combinations with verbs and nouns that had to do with food, wine, books. All of them were taken by other bloggers. I felt so common, so un-original. Then as I glanced around my bedroom, I noticed the box of socks I have at the bottom of my closet and boom I had one of those "light bulb" moments (ok mine was more the size of a Christmas tree tingle light but who are you to judge me, right?). This box is full of other peoples socks, my mom's, my aunt's, my sister's, my father's, my husband's, my ex-boyfriends'.. You see I constantly have cold feet, I wear socks all year round. I even wore socks when we lived in Riyadh. When the outside temperature was 60C I "kept my socks on". 

If you invite me to stay with you for...let's say a day or two...I will ask you for socks and then I will leave with them. Mind you I'm not doing it on purpose. I just forget to return them...and they stay with my sock box.

There you have it then. A very concise description of the associations hidden behind the title of my blog! I promise that I will give more details in later posts and to whomever is interested in this obsession of mine at a later time. Now, I have get out of bed and feed Psipsini....