Dream and you shall paint

Friday, March 2, 2012

In the middle of May 2010 I had a dream. It went something like this: I was married to a very famous painter, I did not know who he was. We lived in an enormous house with a garden enclosed by high walls. In my dream I saw myself arriving home one day and finding a bunch of people waiting in my entrance hall. When I asked what was going on someone said that they were gathered there expecting the great painter - my husband - to come and paint for them. I did not know where he was. He was missing from home and I had no idea of his whereabouts. So the daunting task of completing his unfinished paintings fell on me. I was terrified, never having touched a brush let alone paint with it. Some people from the group became restless. I had to act quickly. Picking up a brush I started painting on the half finished canvases to mixed responses from the crowd. "You will never be as good as the master", "we want our money back" and so on and so forth. However, there were also some encouraging ones "try harder, it just takes practise and patience" a soothing male voice whispered in my ear. I knew then that my husband - in the dream - had died and I had to take care of his work from now on....

A strange dream by all means, don't you think? Dr.H though so when we talked about it and gave me some very helpful insights about its meanings and symbolisms but none of them included the exhortation to go and paint. 

Two weeks after the dream I received an email from an acquaintance about an American painter who was giving art classes to anyone interested. That was my cue. The universe was definitely telling something and I could not just ignore it. I signed up and the rest is history...ok I am exaggerating a lot actually, but I was able to  paint quite a few pieces and I continue to paint until today. Mind you I am no Rembrandt, not by a million, but I managed to fill the walls of my apartment, met some great and seriously talented people along the way and most of all explored a side of myself that was hidden for many years. 

My 1st attempt in painting with